Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry Mission is to provide culturally relevant music during worship services and special events. We will strive to provide songs of worship and celebrate Christ and the cowboy life that amplifies the power of the Gospel of Christ.

Prayer Team

Our Prayer Team Mission is to pray for all those with needs, as well as praises for what God is doing in our/their lives. We will pray on a daily-basis for any requests, as well as for vision and wisdom for the entire church as we strive to reach western-heritage people with the Gospel of Christ.  We also gather each Sunday at the front of the church prior to service to pray.  All are welcome to join.

Chuck Wagon / Southern Comfort

If you have a gift or passion for cooking or serving, this is your team!  Everything from our arena concessions to our regular church fellowship meals begins here.  Additionally, our “Southern Comfort” Mission is to assist our brothers and sisters during times of sickness, recovery, and loss of loved ones. We will strive to use our great cowboy cooking and generous hospitality to help folks with meals, flowers, transportation, and anything of reason to make them comfortable.  

Welcome Team

Our Welcome Team Mission is to eliminate barriers of church, as most people know it. We will use our friendly cowboy hospitality, warm smiles and a hand shake in greeting folks in a comfortable, non-threatening way as they come to worship and follow the Lord.

Tending The Herd

Our Tending The Herd Mission is to love or neighbor by reaching out with contacts, cards and calls to remind our brothers and sisters we miss them, care for them and are in prayer for them.